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A great way to promote

health and well-being



Stretch Into Meditation - a non-religious fitness

programme for the mind and body!

                                                   Here's the info you need:

Wear loose comfortable clothing, bring something to lay on and a blanket to keep warm

A fitness programme for the mind and the body!

Stretch and relieve yourself of stress!

Stretch Into Meditation in Norfolk is a great way promote health and well-being, get more flexible and free the mind of clutter.  Try a Stretch Into Meditation class in Norfolk or maybe you would like to try the latest workout craze - the Hula-Hoop/Hoola Hoop Workout in Norfolk.  Or why not come along to a Fitness Pilates class in Attleborough and Watton, Norfolk.  This is an excellent preventative technique that will strengthen your body against potential injury.  There's definitely a workout here just for you!

Stretch Into Meditation can make you more flexible, more self-aware and free your mind of clutter.


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