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                                 Fitness Pilates


Wednesdays    5:55 pm    Attleborough Town Hall                                 NR17 2AF

Wednesdays    7:00 pm   Attleborough Town Hall                          

Wednesdays    8:05 pm   Attleborough Town Hall

Thursdays         6:00 pm   Wayland Junior Academy Watton              IP25 6AL

Thursdays         7:05 pm    Wayland Junior Academy Watton

Thursdays         9:30 am    *Vinnies Gym Attleborough                         NR17 2QZ

                                                *contact Gym on 01953 453049 for prices

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One or more of my exerclse classes will be right for you.  Whether it is Fitness Pilates, Stretch Into Meditation or Hula-Hoop Workout in Norfolk, you will definitely improve your fitness levels.  They are fantastic routes to better health and it does not matter what your age or level of fitness.  Each class offers easy to learn exercises/moves.  So why not try Fitness Pilates, or Stretch Into Meditation, or maybe you fancy giving Hula Hoop/Hoola Hoop classes a whirl in Norfolk!

              FITNESS PILATES

 JUNE 2018


Contact me for details of the next Fitness Pilates courses

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Fitness Pilates - 6-week courses at an initial cost of £42.50

(includes a small piece of equipment that is yours to keep - please bring a mat)


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